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GHP Biotechnology

Copner Biotech receives GHP Biotechnology Award

May 5, 2023 Awards

Internationally renowned Global Health and Pharma awards Copner Biotech..

"Most Innovative 3D BioTech Solutions Provider - Western Europe"

Copner Biotech's 3D Cell Culture Scaffolds; Extrusion and Inkjet Bioprinters powered by GRAPE UK® technology establishing a foothold in this space.

StartUp Insights

Copner Biotech's High Precision 3D Extrusion Bioprinters powered by GRAPE UK® Technology

Apr 22, 2023 Technology

Copner Biotech recognised by 'StartUs Insights' as a manufacturer of high precision 3D Extrusion Bioprinters...

"Copner Biotech is a UK-based startup that introduces high-precision 3D extrusion GRAPE S1 bioprinter. Its extrusion method involves the deposition of material through a microdroplet with raster-style, sequential printer head movement. This ensures precise control over the flow of materials for convoluted 3D structures and scaffolds. Moreover, the startup supports bioprinters with its proprietary GRAPE UK 3D modeling suite which is capable of simulating physiologically accurate cell micro-environments. Copner’s 3D extrusion bioprinter provides scientists with a large-scale and user-friendly tool to study the behavior of cells and tissues, in vitro, for regenerative medicine, drug discovery, and other biomedical fields."

StartUp Insights

Copner Biotech recognised for its proprietary 3D Bioprinting GRAPE UK® Technology

Mar 29, 2023 Technology

Copner Biotech recognised by 'StartUs Insights' as an emerging company in the 3D Bioprinting space...

"UK-based startup Copner Biotech manufactures extrusion bioprinters and related software for 3D applications. The startup’s GRAPE S series bioprinter enables the creation of 3D cell scaffolds in concentric shapes for consistent pore size variability throughout the structure. In addition, the startup uses its proprietary GRAPE UK software for 3D modeling and printing precise scaffold microarchitectures for high batch-to-batch consistency. Its structures provide a clear demarcation between favorable and unfavorable areas for nutrient and oxygen exchange for cell growth and research."


3D Bio Scaffold Patent UKIPO Grant

Mar 21, 2023 Patent

Copner Biotech is pleased to announce the granting of its first patent, GB2605009B, a 3D printing method for manufacturing our cell scaffold product.

GB2605009B, protects the novel way in which our cell scaffolds are constructed by 3D printing, with a clever way of data file usage, and in particular, providing a suitable in vitro structure for cell growth which mimics in vivo tumour growth.

Copner Biotech’s continuous Research and Development programs have resulted in numerous other patent filings which will be granted in due course, to protect our suite of innovative products and services.

Cardiff Regional

Copner Biotech ascends to the MedTech sector of Cardiff Capital Region

Mar 17, 2023 Networking

Copner Biotech continues its mission to revolutionise global biomedicine as recognised by Cardiff Capital Region and BusinessNewsWales in their breaking news press release...

"Copner Biotech has used its funding from Smart Cymru and Innovate UK to huge effect – taking its place in the cutting edge MedTech sector that is growing so impressively here in the Cardiff Capital Region".

BioWales London

BioWales in London 2023

Mar 14, 2023 Networking

Copner Biotech's CEO and CFO attending BioWales in London 2023.

BioWales London CEO Jordan Copner invited to present GRAPE technology together with our current product range at the BioWales showcase

LSRN Wales Expo

Life Sciences Research Network Wales Congress 2023

Feb 16-17, 2023 Networking

Copner Biotech's CEO and CFO attending Life Sciences Research Network Wales Congress 2023 Cardiff Bay.

Our innovative award winning 3D Cell Culture Scaffolds and Next Generation GRAPE S1 3D Bioprinter to be introduced at our stand

Business Growth

Copner Biotech launches 3D Bioprinter

Copner Biotech releases its cutting edge 3D Bioprinter for use in cell culture and tissue engineering.

Our innovative and Next Generation GRAPE S1 3D Bioprinter powered by patented GRAPE technology; enables researches to realise accurate and complex tissue and cell culture models with high batch to batch consistency

EU Business Award

European Enterprise Award 2022

Feb 3, 2023 Business Award

Copner Biotech is proud to achieve SME status recognition with ths EU Business Award.

Our innovative award winning 3D Cell Culture Scaffolds and Next Generation GRAPE S1 3D Bioprinter forging ahead in this space


For your exacting requirements in Cell Culture 3D PETG Scaffolds.

The latest innovation in the field of 3D Bio Printing .

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