3D scaffold model

Copner Biotech launches its latest GRAPE M1 modelling software ..


Bespoke 3D CAD Modelling

"GRAPE® technology addresses issues currently faced in this 3D bioprinting space when using 30 year old prototype modelling technology."

Representing a step change in the bioprinting software landscape, GRAPE is poised to add immediate value to workflows of bio scientists and tissue engineers around the world.

GRAPE M1 enables precise 3D models to be designed and saved both in GRAPE and STL 3D model data formats. The STL data format enables GRAPE modelling technology to be applied to and potentially improve the perfomance of third party 3D bioprinters.

3D circle model files

Normally bundled with any GRAPE bioprinter purchase; GRAPE M1 is now available to purchase as a standalone product from our official distibutors.

Ultimately the best 3D bioprinting performance will be achieved by employing GRAPE technology throughout the biofabrication process. GRAPE M1 outputs 3D models in GRAPE 3D model data format which are directly read and processed by Copner Biotech's GRAPE family of printers; for example GRAPE S1.

3D disc model file

GRAPE® Technology - Renderable Biofabrication®