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Copner Biotech are pioneers in 3D Cell Culture and Biofabrication.

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Renderable Biofabrication

Printing technology that enables additive manufacturing of accurate and repeatable 3D models.

GRAPE 3D Modelling Data Format

Graphical Rectangular Actual Positional Encoding - our proprietary 3D model data format specifically developed for biofabrication.


We provide state of the art 3D Cell Culture scaffolds together with 3D and 4D Extrusion and Inkjet bioprinters

3D Cell Culture Scaffolds

Scaffolds having oxygen and nutrient gradients to maximise cell growth

3D Extrusion Bioprinter

Our entry bioprinter to begin your biofabrication journey

4D Extrusion Bioprinter

Our flag ship bioprinter brings biofabrication to your desk


Our team of modellers are available to assist in creating bespoke 3D Cell Culture Scaffolds to your exacting requirements

Bespoke 3D STL models

Printable using conventional 3D printers

Bespoke 3D CBL models

Printable using Copner Biotech's proprietary bioprinters

Patented Technology

In the spirit of openness and cooperation, our patented technology is available for licence on mutually agreeable terms, with the necessary technical support to help your business make full use of those rights.



3D Cell Culture Scaffolds and GRAPE S1 bioprinter print images.

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Our products and services enable our customers to achieve their research goals

I lead the Microbiology & Infection Research Group at Cardiff Metropolitan University where we have been using Copner Biotech’s bio-printer to develop and modify our in vitro chronic wound infection model. The support and guidance we received following installation of the bio-printer has been both excellent and invaluable, and it’s great that were still are able to contact Copner Biotech to discuss our bio-printing project and needs as the work progresses. The bio-printer doesn’t need a lot of bench-space, and is easy to set up and use; I’m looking forward to seeing where this technology continues to take the groups research.

Dr Sarah E. Hooper (Maddocks) FIBMS FRSB

Reader in Microbiology & Infection

Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences

Cardiff Metropolitan University

The scaffolds are incredibly easy to use. The preparation protocol is simple to follow and quick to do so. My stem sells attached proliferated and migrated onto the scaffolds with ease, with no adaption needed. The scaffolds are robust and easy to handle.

Nic Kingswell

Laboratory and Operations Manager

Unicorn Biotechnologies Limited

this novel 3D cell culture platform offers enormous potential for research into multiple cell types, including: cancer cells, cardiomyocytes, fibroblasts and liver cells. Experts believe that the applications for this product are genuinely limitless, and the reality is that researchers are routinely discovering new opportunities provided by these advanced scaffold designs.

Accelerate Healthcare Technology Centre

Swansea University

Official Distributors

Our award winning 3D Cell Culture PETG Scaffolds are available from...

Lucerna Chem AG


ISOGEN Lifescience

Benelux and Spain

Appleton Woods

UK and Ireland

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