Disruptive 3D Bio Printing and BioINK Technologies

Sep 29, 2022| Category: Business|
Smart Cymru Jellagen collaboration

SMART Cymru Innovation Award of £123,724 has enabled Copner Biotech and Jellagen to develop Next Generation 3D Bio Technologies.

Jellagen world leaders in Marine Biotechnologies having developed an innovative BioINK based on Jellyfish Collagen Type 0 with properties highly suited to printing with 3D extrusion bioprinters.

Copner Biotech having developed 3D extrusion bioprinter GRAPE S1 employing GRAPE UK® control software and modelling data format.

Jellagen's BioINK coupled with Copner Biotech's GRAPE S1 have enabled complex 3D constructs to be accurately printed to a resolution better than 100 microns; with high batch to batch consistency.


For your exacting requirements in Cell Culture 3D PETG Scaffolds.

The latest innovation in the field of 3D Bio Printing .

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