Development of 3D Inkjet Bio Printing and BioINK Technologies

Nov 12, 2022| Category: Research and Development|
Innovate UK Jellagen collaboration

Copner Biotech (Lead) announces collaboration with Jellagen part funded by a Innovate UK Award of £431,142. Jellagen world leaders in Marine Biotechnologies developing an innovative BioINK based on Jellyfish Collagen Type 0 to be printed with the Next Generation 3D Inkjet Bio Printer developed by Copner Biotech.

3D Inkjet Bio Printer will be developed following the blueprint disclosed in our patent 'Additive Manufacturing using Low Viscosity Materials' UK Intellectual Property Office application GB2206780.5 together with International application PCT/GB2022/000051.

Inline with Copner Biotech's family of 3D Bio Printers; this Inkjet printer will employ the GRAPE UK® data format and printing control algorithms.

October 2022 Copner Biotech and Jellagen begin collaborative work on this exciting 19 month Innovate UK part funded project; with both companies committed to establishing a bio printing centre of excellence in Wales.


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