Our Collaborators

Copner Biotech are delighted to be in collaboration with...

Swansea University Agor
Swansea University.
Accelerate HTC
Accelerate Healthcare Technology Centre.
CU Biosciences
CU Biosciences.
Kings College London Life Sciences
Kings College London Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine.
University of Bath Biomedical Sciences
University of Bath Department of Biology and Biochemistry.
University of South Wales
University of South Wales Applied Sciences Research.
Aston University
Aston University School of Infrastructure and Sustainable Engineering.
Jellagen Marine Biotechnologies.
Smart Cymru
Smart Cymru Innovation Award.
University of Sussex Life Sciences
University of Sussex Life Sciences.
Cambridge University School of Biological Sciences
Cambridge University School of Biological Sciences.
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Cardiff Metropolitan University Biomedical Sciences.
Essex University
Essex University School of Life Sciences.


For your exacting requirements in Cell Culture 3D PETG Scaffolds.

The latest innovation in the field of 3D Bio Printing .

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