3D PETG Scaffold Protocols

Nov 10, 2023| Category: Cell Culture Research|
3D PETG Scaffold

Cell culture scaffolds based on concentric shape constructs, such as circles, provide a consistent variability of pore size (heterogenous pore size and distribution) emanating from the centre to the periphery of said scaffold. The effect is to provide clear regions of the scaffold where cells will have more favourable nutrient and oxygen exchange (periphery) and areas not so (centre). Such a construct better represents physiological conditions in the body providing tangible experimental advantages for research in fields studying cell microenvironments.

Presented below are protocols to enable efficient deployment of our scaffolds for biological research

Note: protocols are applicable to scaffolds placed in 24 Well Plates...media volumes for example should always be adjusted when utilzing alternative well plates to ensure the scaffolds are fully immersed.

Scaffold Application Notes.

Scaffold Seeding, Culturing and Harvesting Protocol.

Collagen Coating Protocol.

Fibronectin Coating Protocol.

Organoid and Spheroid Protocol.

Bespoke 3D PETG Scaffolds.

PETG Scaffolds can be fabricated to your exact requirements.

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